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August 22, 2018 marks a new opportunity for SATB2-associated syndrome (SAS) and the SATB2 Gene Foundation.  Because this particular day is one where we can all come together to spread the word about SAS.  To raise awareness within the community.  It's a way to take action so that the children and families affected by this rare condition can get the best care, have the greatest support, and experience the childhood they deserve.

#mySATB2kid  #showyourSAS

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Why August 22?

August 22nd was chosen to help honor our primary genetic researcher who has not only brought all of us together, but has also brought much needed research to this rare condition.  On August 22nd we not only celebrate awareness to SATB2, but we also help celebrate and honor Dr. Yuri Zarate on his birthday.  

How to get involved 

There are 3 easy ways to get the word out online

1. Show your support:  Change your Facebook profile frame to let your friends know that you're helping to raise awareness of SATB2-associated syndrome (SAS) and the 200+ children affected by this condition. 

2. Spread the word:  Use one of our sample posts to raise awareness, increase support, and encourage others to take action online using the hashtags #mySATB2kid and #showyourSAS.  Also download the fill in the blank signs and use those for photos and posts.  

3. Take some action:  Make others aware of SATB2-associated syndrome by updating your profile image to include the "2" in SATB2.  It could be through a number, a peace sign, a picture, or any other unique way that works for you and your family.  

Click here to download the "Ways to Get Involved Flyer" 

Materials are being finalized and will be posted to the website and Facebook page when available. 

Material downloads 

Each of these social media signs can be downloaded for you to use and fill in the blank.  Let's get creative and encourage all of your family and friends to get involved too!  Additional materials such as Facebook profile frames, badges, and shareable posts are being finalalized and will be posted to both the website and official SATB2 Gene Foundation Facebook page.  

#mySATB2kid sign                                             Others aware of SAS sign

Thank Dr. Zarate Sign                                        SAS is special to me sign